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The world our kids will live in is changing four times faster than our schools.

What have we achieved?

In terms of our achievements we are proudest of the work we have done directly with children.

But we're also delighted with our business results - and after all, neither could have happened without the other.

In terms of activities specifically for children we've concentrated in three main areas:

  • Publishing a free weekly ezine.
  • Running workshop sessions.
  • Going in to schools.

We've produced a weekly ezine called GO4IT! since early 1998. Over 200 issues have been distributed to a circulation of more than 30,000 children in seventy different countries. 100 of the ezine's issues have been edited by our youngest member of staff, Livi Kitson, who joined us when she was sixteen.

For three consecutive Summers we have run 'Team Fundango' a week-long 'workshop' for around a dozen 10-14 year-olds. The first two events were held in our Oxfordshire HQ (a renovated barn). Participants "came to work" every day, and were led by three adults through a series of team building, mind-expanding activities using computers.

The third, and most challenging from an organisational viewpoint, event was held entirely online. Twelve children in four different time zones worked and played together for a week, with the guidance of a couple of off-duty teachers and Fundango's own staff. The amount of effort which went into running this week was amply justified by the amazingly positive reactions from participants and their parents.

On a regular basis, Fundango's Jon Cousins visits schools giving science demonstrations - another way of keeping Fundango in regular contact with children.

In terms of business achievements Fundango has worked with a number of high profile organisations to help them produce interactive material of their own, designed to inspire children.

BT has commissioned a number of projects, including a web site, which enables children to receive emails from a character called TalkDog.

The bank First Direct asked Fundango to put together a research report on what ten-year-olds think the world will be like in ten years' time and partly as a result of the report's findings about girls' ambitions, Fundango was appointed a partner organisation to the UK Government's Women's National Commission.

Another key project was the production on behalf of UK supermarket Somerfield of a software package to help teach primary school science. The end result was the winner of its category in Revolution magazine's annual awards.

What about our commitment to use a proportion of our profits to help disadvantaged children learn?

We have indeed been profitable and so have been able to keep that promise. Our most recent donation has been to the children of a school in New York City who lost everything they had in the events of September 11th.