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Honesty isn't the best policy when you communicate with kids. It's the only policy.

What on earth is Fundango?

Back in December 1997 there wasn't very much for a ten-year-old to do on the Internet.

There you were, having practically grown up with computers, video games and all the other 21st century technological paraphernalia - and yet when you got yourself online there was hardly anything aimed at someone of your age.

It was time for us to start Fundango. It was also a time when there were no rules - you made them up as you went along.

Fundango was born in January 1998. Our objective then, as it still is today, was to explore ways of making it fun for children to learn online.

We specifically decided to concentrate on an audience of 10-14 year-olds because ten seemed to us to be the age at which children first started to get into technology and the Internet.

We also agreed that we didn't really want to "teach" children - that's not our job, and other organisations have been busily focused on providing educational content which children can use to supplement their school work.

So our real focus was on finding ways in which children can 'play' online, because it seemed to us that a great deal of learning takes place when children play.

We were very sure that one of our main aims was to put something back into life - founder Jon Cousins was committed to the principle of using ten percent of Fundango's profits to fund the teaching of disadvantaged children - but we are a business, not a charity; and in any case if we were going to use part of our profits in a socially responsible way, we had to generate revenue in the first place.

We knew we didn't wish to charge children. So instead we developed a business model in which we would build up significant expertise in what sort of material inspires children online, and then offer that as a consultancy service to other businesses which wanted to benefit from our knowledge.

The team behind Fundango is also working on a range of other web sites, including Tellyads - an entertaining collection of current UK TV commercials.